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How to become a user of InstaTrade PAMM system?

Do you want to accept investments from other traders or invest in other players on Forex? Then you only need to have a trading account with InstaTrade Company. If you already have an InstaTrade trading account, you may pass to the second step of registration. If not, take the first step of the detailed instruction:


Registration of a live trading account with InstaTrade Company.
You can open it following the link: https://www.instatrading.com/fast_open_live_account


After a trading account is registered, authorize in Client Cabinet and click on the PAMM system link in the left menu of Client Cabinet. Then, you will be offered to choose your status in the PAMM system - investor or trader (you may open two accounts: the one for PAMM investor, the other for PAMM trader), enter your personal information, which will be transferred to your investors and traders for them to contact you. Personal information is secured and will only be visible to those who invested funds in your account or accepted an investment from you.


After filling in the application form of the PAMM system in Client Cabinet, you will become a full-fledged user of the PAMM system. Depending on which status you have chosen in the PAMM system (trader or investor), you can accept investments or invest in other traders, whose accounts are available on the Monitoring page of the main website or in the PAMM trader monitoring section of Client Cabinet.

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