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Questions relatives à la vérification de compte
What is verification?

Verification is a confirmation of personal data specified when registering an account. There are two verification levels. The identity of the account holder is confirmed at the first verification level. The residence address is confirmed on the second verification level.

What is account verification needed for?

Verification is needed to deposit/withdraw funds from a trading account as well as to receive bonuses.

Where can I verify my account?

You can verify an account in your Client Area if you go to the Verification section and select Verify account. You can also do this in our InstaVerify mobile app for Android (available in Google Play)/iOS (available in App Store).

How do I know that the documents for verification have been uploaded?

After a successful upload, you will see the status in the Verify account page saying that the documents have been successfully uploaded and are pending approval. In addition, you will get an email confirming that your documents have been uploaded. As soon as your application is processed, the status in your Client Area will change and you will get an email with the results of verification. If the documents were uploaded through the mobile app, you can track the verification status through InstaVerify for Android/iOS or with the help of push notifications.

How long does account verification take?

The account is usually verified within 24 hours. In some cases, account verification takes more time.

Is account verification obligatory?

Verification is not obligatory. However, it is sometimes required to deposit/withdraw funds as well as to receive bonuses.

Is it possible to deposit/withdraw funds from unverified accounts?

Yes, it is possible except for deposits/withdrawals by means of credit cards and a wire transfer.

What documents are required for verification?

A passport or ID card is required to pass the first verification level, while a utility bill or bank statement is required to pass the second verification level. The list of documents needed for a specific verification level is featured on the company’s official website in the Traders section -> Trading account verification.

What is the minimum/maximum file size required to verify an account?
The minimum resolution is 400 pixels. The maximum file size is 25 MB.

I got an email saying that my document for verification was rejected. What should I do?

Please follow the guidelines in the Client Area, InstaVerify mobile app for Android/iOS or in the email you got when your application had been processed. Alternatively, you can email us at verification@mail.instatrade.com, specifying your account number, the code word and giving a detailed description of the issue.

When uploading documents, there is an error/nothing happens. What should I do?

You should check the size, format, and resolution of the file. Please note that the acceptable formats are: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif and .pdf.. The minimum resolution is 400 pixels and the size of the file is up to 25 MB. If you upload several files at once, make sure that the total size of the files does not exceed 25 MB. Changing the browser may solve the problem.

I have opened a new trading account. Should I verify every account separately?

When you open a new trading account, it can be verified automatically. All you need is to sign in to your Client Area of the verified account, select Account Settings/Account Management, and attach a new account. All personal data of the linked accounts must match precisely, down to punctuation marks.

What is the third verification level required for?

The third verification level is required to withdraw profits from some types of bonuses. If you need the third verification level, a notification will appear on the withdrawal page. Otherwise, the third verification level is not required.

What documents should be uploaded for the third verification level?

To pass the third verification level, you need to upload a selfie with a document in your hand. The account holder's face and the entire document should be clearly visible on the selfie. The information in the document should be clearly visible as well. The document in your hand should be the document accepted at the first verification level.

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